A little bit of recording at the MR-8HD, without any kind of relation to the pictures, except from the text at the spinny. And some improvement according to the synth sequence, delayed upload last week. Shooting some pictures for tomorrow, maybe.
Enjoying me through the weekend, nice and quietly.
I think I want to add some phrases to that dubstep thing, and then I should stop fooling around like this. Be more serious about the my specific style and hold on to it. But this summer have been, until now exceptional hot. The heat is, and I repeat, the cause of my reduced activity in the studio. Yesterday it rained so much, that I just needed to snap a picture. Who would believe that you could miss the rain so much, when you live here at these latitudes.

Here is the link to my dubstep demo. It's a free download;

dubstep demo.mp3

I made a dubstep demo / test just for trying it, and the modular sequence I was talking about, or wrote about the fifthteens. It's not what I really wanna do but, I had a good time while trying to make this kind of electronic music. The Dubstep was actually a style, I was thinking about how to learn and create this last autumn.
Looking for a plugin, which does content a playlist, playing songs in order or random.
Because of the summer heat, it isn't possible to record music in my studio at home. I have to respect the fact, that living people is enjoying their vacations right outside my door. So on a day like this, I can either write, program my drummachine or perhaps make a modular bassline, which suits me just fine.
Here is where I want to upload my audio demo. I have been restricted not to upload the video, because of some kind of trouble, I don't know much about. I closed my Youtube account because I wanted to change my email and such, which means that this option isn't available at the moment. The picture is a videoframe taken from the video (handycam amateure recording). I made it while I was editing the song and it will have to remain like this until later.

don't know why, verse 1.
Here is where I want to upload my audio demo, modulated sound.
I seems it's impossible to upload the video, content a mp4 videoclip, 1 minute and 20 seconds, verse one of a song I wrote, which means I am supposed to be stopped, is my guess? I'll just have to accept this. There's allways a conflict somewhere, which makes it difficult to be this english writing composer that I am, the dum arse Mr. Carsten Smith. There's nothing I can do about it, really? and I have no intention of doing anything about it. I have tried this before, and really don't want to waste my time or make a website without any content of music, when enough is enough. I surrender.

I just have to decide if I want to quit this as well.

Don't know why, but it is a amarteure video I made. I've been cheeting a little bit, because I wasn't really recording the video, while writing or recording the song.
dont know why ©
It was my birthday a few days ago, and I wanted so much to upload or give a song at this occasion, but I was busy doing other things. I believed, that if I wasn't succesfull before my forty-five twentieth year of life, I would quit my writing music. But lately I changed that statement very much in my mind.

I like a fat bass, synthesized on whatever I can get my hands on; Drum-machines, synths and guitars. Those three type of instruments did and does make the basic parts, for a recorded track in my production. That makes it electronic. I just can't record a real drumsetup in my flat. If I did, I think I would simply have to find myself antoher place to eat, sleep, shit or make music.
I deleted my 2014 website and replaced it with this one. I want to keep it simple, not to waste several hours on writing html.

I've spend half a year, creating a website, which wasn't good enough and writing a few songs, which wasn't quite good enough. So if that really didn't work out for me, I had to try something else. I got this enormeus flat, lot's of space! and I made, so to speak, a little songwriter corner there. It content a small lowcost mixer, a MR-8 multitrackrecorder and some few effects. It's very simple and the idea was, that if a song could be recorded by using this equipment, then it could also easily be recorded in a studio. I really should have bought the 16 track version back then, but my money was a little short. It sounds excellent, but dear MR-8 came as a 44.1khz 16bit recorder, which isn't quite the todays standard. Besides this, the hard-disc makes a lot of noise. Still! It's functional and I like creating the draft for a new song that way.